Saturday, May 17, 2008

Random Ten

Rather than give half a thought to a post today, I'm going to do that old standby and see what my iPod can regurgitate for me
  1. The International Language of Screaming  Super Furry Animals
  2. Dead Man James
  3. Centre for Holy Wars The New Pornographers
  4. Knuckle Too Far James
  5. Love is the Drug Roxy Music
  6. Tears of Rage The Band
  7. Urban Aire Afro Celt Sound System
  8. Every Time I See Your Picture Luba
  9. Penpals Sloan
  10. I Could Be Happy Here Big Country
As a note, if you don't know Super Furry Animals, James, or the New Pornographers get off your butt and seek them out. Super Furries and James have had a varied career and covered a variety of sounds; there's no way to really make a comparison because each album is a re-invention. The New Pornographers are one of the great, great lights of the indie scene in Canada and you just need to hear them. They've got a great video out somewhere covering Toronto's Your Daddy Don't Know.
--  From: 	The Eternal Gaijin 	Lost Somewhere in Kobe, Japan 	"Words Cannot Describe What I Am About To Tell You."

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