Friday, May 30, 2008

I have only one comment...

I'm all in favour of respectfully restoring important cultural and historical artifacts and monuments. As a native English speaker, Shakespeare's tomb seems to qualify for such treatment.
However (emphasis mine):
Experts to avoid Shakespeare's 'curse' in restoring tombstone
William Shakespeare's tombstone is to have a makeover, but the renovators are under strict orders not to disturb the bard's bones.

The late English poet-playwright's tombstone in Holy Trinity Church in Stratford-upon-Avon, in west central England, is beginning to disintegrate, the church announced on Wednesday.

But the engraving on the stone, which lies within the church, threatens to "curse" anyone disturbing its occupant.

Okay, I have a small dictionary definition to share with you with a little help from my friends at Sweariam-Webster:
Curse: (n.); Prn: \ˈkərs\ def: see wizardry (cf)
Wizardry: (n.) prn:
\ˈwi-zə(r)-drē\; def: doesn't fucking exist, asshat. see also: curse (cf)
So how can you be respectful and avoid the curse? Just do your goddamn job and make the tombstone of one of our language's greatest writers look nice, will ya?

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