Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Asshat does some minor asshattery.

When you answered that you'd packed the suitcase yourself, you forgot to mention the people who may re-pack it after you hand it over.
It came to light yesterday on page 3 of the International Hearld Tribune that a customs official at Narita Airport. Since then it looks like a lot of people have heard of this.
Customs slip cannabis into passenger's bag -
A passenger who landed at Tokyo's Narita airport over the weekend has ended up with a surprise souvenir courtesy of customs officials -- a package of cannabis.

The official was organizing a training session for drug dogs, broke regulations that clearly state only training suitcases may be used and stuck 10 Gs worth of marijuana into the suitcase of some random person coming back into the country.
Then lost the bag.
First of all, is $10,000 worth of weed really a training amount?
Second, what light do you think this throws on drug convictions through Narita?
Third, I don't have a third point.
By the way, Hong Kong is not happy.

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