Friday, May 02, 2008

Homoeopathy Friday

Homoeopathy is bogus. It doesn't even hold up to the stink test. (I mean 30c, are you joking?)
This connects to yesterday's post about sinking vaccination levels in the US. As the anti-vax whack-a-doodles gain more traction, the alt-med crowd also benefits. (I recall James Randi quipping that the alternative to medicine is ill health)
In the UK there is nary a homoeopath who won't break with regs and offer you a sugar pills as the prophylactic against malaria if you're going to Africa or South-East Asia.
So, to disabuse you of any notion that people who think about it take it seriously, here are two vids about homoeopathy.
From a BBC documentary. I know it starts supportive, but that's the rope-a-dope. Give it 3 minutes.

Homeopathy - The Test
On the other hand, James Randi gives you the short version.

James Randi explains homeopathy
He's a charming old curmudgeon, innit?
Oh, and it looks like Mrs Gaijin and I will be at The Amazing Meeting 6 for the Friday anyway.

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