Thursday, July 19, 2007

Some more newsletter joy...

I wonder what's happening with our friends over at the Theocratic Authoritarian Christiangouvernement page?
Christian Government - Timothy Bloedow
Ooo, another newsletter. Seems hot on the heels of the last one I chewed on. Shouldn't sit on them so long in the future.
So, what we got this time? (Please remember I do this so you don't have to.)

Media coverage and promotion for “State vs. Church”
My two recent U.S. media interviews took place as planned. Thank you for praying for these opportunities.

Praying got you the spots. Should get a better agent. Might get you on a big network, not just a couple of Xtian ones.

If you type "Christian government" into the Google search engine, our website is right at the top of page 1 of the websites listed by Google.

We more reality based types have to get Fuck Christian Government further up the list.

Other websites, both friendly and hostile, continue to discover our website, which expands the influence of our Biblical message of Christian government, a message of victory and hope.

Hey, you've been helping me out. Making some bloggy friends out there.
Anyway there's just more self promotion and exhortations to buy the book.

Commentary - Canada's Barbarian Playground?
The only way to terminate tyranny is to establish Christian government - a cultural Judaeo-Christian ethic that transforms the nature and operation of the civil government (as well as our broader approach to government).

2 points:

  1. If I grant your point of view that Canada is a tyranny (and I don't), you're not terminating tyranny; you're changing tyrannies.

  2. Judeo-Christian. Where does this bullshit come from? You're all jewey-christy until a Jew pops his head up and says, "You lost me at Jesus." Then we'll see how Judeo the Christian is.

Religiously, that means that we worship the God of the Bible, not the gods of the Secular Humanists, which are sex and the state. Sex and the state have their place, but their place is not as objects of worship by barbarians and freedom-haters.

2 points:

  1. I don't know if I'm a secular humanist or not. I don't claim to have mastered the ins and outs of their philosophy. I can tell you this: you know less about it than I do. The main thrust of it is not worshipping, not god, not sex, not the state. A secular humanist wants a government available to all, that is fair and even handed, and based in our world. Conflating the two things you hate (sex and the state) and projecting them outwards will not, can not make others worship them as gods no matter what you assert. Is there anything in your world that can't be seen as worship, because there sure as shit is in ours.

  2. Freedom is obviously a relative thing. In my world there's a lot more freedom than there is in yours. In mine you can say what you like and push for whatever kind of government you like and me, I can mouth off and you and try to convince people that you're wrong. And we can yell and scream back and forth. Somewhere in the car crash that is this exchange parts of the truth may drop out onto the road. And I can drop random obscenities here and there just for the hell of it.

More blather about the misbehavings of Liberals and NDPers. What about the Tories? Or do I detect something here?

Give me a bar of soap to wash out the mouths of the boars (with apologies to the boars for the comparison) who produced and authorized that kind of language and who, by doing so, dragged the politics and governance of this country through the sewer. We live in a vulgar age of knuckle-draggers and bottom-feeders in leadership.

One points: I live with boars in this neighbourhood and they're offended to be compared to politicians. And more so to be invoked by theocrats.

More ranting about the decline of morals and how creation science (as if that expression even makes sense) is being censored. There's a nice little follow up quote that makes me laugh.

Censorship is what intellectually barren people do.

Mmm, like churches you mean.
Exhortations to action.
Next section is a plug for Citizen Impact, a group of Christers who espouse a bunch of crud.
Here's the list.

Mission Statement
Citizen Impact is dedicated to equipping Canadians for the effective expression of a biblical worldview in the public square.
1. To educate people of faith on the relevance of their moral convictions to the maintenance of a civil society.
2. To motivate people of faith to participate in the democratic process.
3. To articulate pro-family and pro-life principles before the media, in public square and before local, provincial, and federal legislative, administrative and judicial bodies.
4. To equip our members with the information necessary for effective and meaningful participation in public policy debate and discourse, by evaluating public policy positions and existing or proposed legislation.
5. To train leaders for effective and peaceful political action.
6. To protect and defend the free expression of religious belief in the public square.
Please don't join them.
And then there's the standard pithy quotes from all sort of folks. And in the double-edged sword category falls this one:
"Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man's character, give him power." - Abraham Lincoln
And finally a few culture war editorials including how there's a lesbian author!. And she got a prize! Oh fuck!
Please note the presence of a really weak WorldNutDaily editorial defending Bill O'Falafel on the whole Dyke Gangs! Taking Over! Not On Video! Pink Guns! fiasco.
Payback for exposé on 'dyke' gang rapes - July 9, 2007
By Bob Unruh
Now, pass the brian bleach.


the rev. said...

Give me a bar of soap to wash out the mouths of the boars (with apologies to the boars for the comparison

Do you thing the theocratic fascist illiterate meant "boors" or "bores"?

I can just picture the response now: "You can't call me illiterate, I can prove my parents were married!"

The Eternal Gaijin said...

Living with wild boars walking the streets, I never thought of going to homophone/homonym route.
Who know what these guys really mean half the time.
Must get onto their other commentaries soon.