Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Great rant: We'd like our planet back.

I've been a fan of Marcus Brigstocke for a while. It started with "We are History," a brilliant satirical take on "Time Team." (And that's my shout out to the British fans) and his attempts to learn and perform in French for a reality TV show. On the BBC's The Now Show he delivers some great material and this little rant is one of the best. Esp for someone who keeps going to visit our buddies at XtianGov' (Aren't I due for another trip? Sheesh.)

onegoodmove: Petulant Pricks
Petulant Pricks Well done. Marcus Brigstocke on the BBC's Now Show delivered a lovely rant directed at the people of the book, could we please have our planet back. It does sound like he's been reading Richard Dawkins book the The God Delusion and now you can pre-order the paperback edition.

P.S. As a counter point, Pharyngula has a link to the benefits for teachers of religious edumacation in Kansas.

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