Monday, July 02, 2007

Keep vigilant.

The slow drift towards theocracy in the US is of concern to all of us. With so many people in a slow orbit around the States, beholden culturally and economically, the influence is pernicious and destructive.
The ongoing resurgence in creationism is a worry to anyone who values a search for the truth rather than mere truthiness; who values inquiry rather than dogma; who values freedom with its attendant risks rather than a safe, stultifying oppression of questionably good intentions.
Recently myself and a few other bloggers came under fire from the giving, generous, meek and mild over at
The folks at Christian Government are scary-creepy whack-a-doodles in the American mold, all the fire and bluster of any number of social regressives. Their stated goal is a Christian based government for Canada, a thought that frankly gives me chills. It's often wrapped in meaningless comments like this:

Christianity advances a federalist model of civil government: Christian civil government reflects the principles of decentralization of authority and division of power. Which is to say that centralist models of government are incompatible with a Christian view. Centralist models seek to centralize as much civil power as possible in the highest level of civil government, and to centralize as much governmental authority as possible in the civil government, at the expense of self-government, family government and church government. (Socialism is a centralist model of government.)
There's nothing in the Bible that tells you how to organize a democratic government. Period. The comment (from the front page of their site) above is a mish-mash of conservatism, libertarianism, and handwaving.
In an essay along the same lines, the head of this group has comments like this:

Libertarians cannot run from Christian history

One of the problems with modern libertarianism as it is often advanced in Canada and the US today is that it scarcely ever acknowledges the explicitly Christian roots of the “American experiment.” Libertarians, in illustrating their ideals, draw freely from the principles defined in the American Constitution and from those principles applied accurately in American history. Attempts to draw on early America for the best historical examples of libertarianism in action without acknowledging the importance of the Christian faith that was so much a part of the foundation of those principles is disturbing evidence of historical revisionism and intellectual dishonesty.

Again, this reflects the current trend of revisionism and counter factual interpretations in the States (or even at home. HT to Canadian Cynic) that push the idea that freedom of religion means you can be whatever type of Christian you want.
That bothers me a lot. I have a love of history and to see people who clearly don't understand it twist it into some horrible balloon animal parody of actual fact is inexcusable.
And that's what we look forward to. People pushing bullshit on us and wanting us to smile and tell them it's a wonderful bowl of chili. Check for yourself.
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Just wash your hands afterwards.
Religious rule has no place in Canada.It has no place anywhere. It stands in opposition to freedom. It stands in opposition to security. It stands in opposition to morality.
We have to stand in opposition to it.

--  From:  The Eternal Gaijin  Lost Somewhere in Kobe, Japan  "Words Cannot Describe What I Am About To Tell You."

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