Friday, July 20, 2007

Just a couple of links before I head out the door

Heading out soon and don't feel like doing a real post.
BBC NEWS | Science/Nature | Computers crack famous board game
Christopher Hitchens - An Atheist Responds -
A Blog from Hell: Informed bigotry versus Ignorant tolerance
Meta and Meta: Next Question
Journal Entry
denialism blog : Why do people believe in conspiracy theories?
The Bronze Blog: Twoof is Wewative
The Bronze Blog: The 9/11 Twoofer Credo
And a quick thought:
Dispatches from the Culture Wars: Quote of the Day: Pascal
Men never do evil so cheerfully and so completely as when they do so from religious conviction.
Blaise Pascal
And one more:
onegoodmove: Lost and Found
Lost and Found
I recall the story of the philosopher and the theologian. The two were engaged in disputation and the theologian used the old quip about a philosopher being like a blind man, in a dark room, looking for a black cat—which wasn't there. "That may be," said the philosopher; "but a theologian would have found it."
—Julian Huxley

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