Sunday, July 01, 2007

And let's just wait for the Right-wingnut-o-sphere to begin their antics

No way out of it now. With the two car bombs in London (unsuccessful) and a fiery car in Glasgow (successful) apparently driven by a guy with a suicide vest (unconfirmed/unsuccessful) it's time to let the racism spew forth. Should be fun to watch.

BBC NEWS | UK | UK terror threat now 'critical'
The UK's national terrorism threat has been raised to its highest level after an attack on Glasgow Airport was linked to two car bombs found in London.

Strathclyde Police told a news conference the attack on Glasgow Airport was now being linked to the car-bomb plot in London - foiled by police on Friday.
Chief Constable Willie Rae said: "There are clearly similarities, and we can confirm that this is being treated as a terrorist incident."

The critical threat level indicates terrorist attacks are imminent. It is the highest possible level and was also in place after the 7 July 2005 suicide bomb attacks on London.
Wow, that must really have the State's shorts in a bunch as well.

DHS | Homeland Security Advisory System
Homeland Security Advisory System Homeland Security Advisory System Current Threat Level June 30, 2007 — The United States government national threat level is Elevated, or Yellow.

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