Thursday, July 05, 2007

George W. Bush is a liar and a hypocrite.

I'm not a huge Bill Clinton fan. Every single day the Rethuglicans are in power Billy C looks better and better. He's gotten more statesman-like practically every time I see him on TV.
President Chimpy McMethodist is looking smaller and more like a caricature of a power-crazed but essentially clueless city councillor. And the rampant bullshit he chucks around is as annoying and distracting as a hair caught in your foreskin.
A few links to point out these issues then I'm off to get the new car.

Cato-at-liberty » Commute These Sentences, Mr. President
President Bush has pushed the envelope of every aspect of executive power, except for two that might ease the burden of government, the veto and the pardon. Now he’s threatening to protect the taxpayers with his veto pen, and he’s just discovered his power to pardon or commute the sentences of people convicted of crimes. Whether Scooter Libby was an appropriate recipient of a commutation is subject to much debate.

The Galloping Beaver: It wasn't about mercy
George W Bush is not a merciful man. In fact, all his past behaviour has suggested the complete opposite. He lacks the necessary conscience to actually perform an act of mercy, behave in any way charitable or empathize with anybody outside his own tight circle of well-to-do brats.

The Galloping Beaver: Sometimes Circumstances Change . . . .
Looks like he has opted to not abide by his own guidelines back when he assumed the office in 2001.

Crooks and Liars » Obstruction of Justice
All of this means that Bush’s decision yesterday to commute Libby’s prison sentence isn’t just a matter of unequal justice. It is also a potentially self-serving and corrupt act…

Crooks and Liars » Tony Snow’s Libby Presser: A web of lies
Bush and Cheney are laughing at you. They are laughing at the press that was wrapped up in this case from the beginning and they are laughing at the legal system of the country. Some questions were asked about Cheney’s involvement in asking Bush to help his pal and Snow said he had no direct knowledge, but someone might have mentioned it. Ed Henry brought up Bush’s “I’ll fire anyone who leaked anything,” regarding Rove, Snow said he wouldn’t comment….Another reporter said:

Aw, you get the fucking picture.

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