Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Thought Experiment Time

Gedanken. Hell, it brought us the Theory of Relativity.
As a little gedanken though experimenty thingie, I'd like you to compare two sites.
The first is an introduction to the 70th Skeptic's Circle. When you read this page understand that it's tongue in cheek, but read it as if it were serious. This will be important.

Conspiracy Factory: 70th Skeptics' Circle
Imagine, if you will, a large boardroom. It is dimly lit. There is a large table in the middle of the room, and high-backed wooden chairs placed at several positions around the table. A small glass of unfluoridated water is ready at each chair around the table.

Now, please read the following post at this site:

The Brave New World Order: King Solomon's Freemasonic Temple Of Doom?
Can you tell the difference? Try reading the Freemasonic one in a sarcastic voice. How about now?
Really, there ought to be a law.

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