Wednesday, October 03, 2007

And now a collection of Blackwater Links

JURIST - Paper Chase: Blackwater Iraq killings highlight lack of legal recourse against US contractors: NYT
Dispatches from the Culture Wars: The Blackwater Scandal
Dispatches from the Culture Wars: Think This Conversation Ever Took Place?
Dispatches from the Culture Wars: Blackwater Hearings Today
Blackwater founder defends role in Iraq - Los Angeles Times
Think Progress » FBI sending investigators to Iraq to probe Blackwater.
JURIST - Paper Chase: Blackwater CEO insists employees never intentionally killed Iraqi civilians
And for an interesting opinion on an unspoken reality surrounding the company:

Global Guerrillas: JOURNAL: An Inconvenient Truth about Private Military Companies
An inconvenient truth missing in the debate over Blackwater (which is currently in trouble with the Iraqi government over a shooting incident), is that the US military is completely dependent on private military companies (PMCs). This dependency can't be wished away or reversed. If anything, given the trend lines, PMCs will increasingly replace conventional military forces well into the future. The reasons are simple.

Your regularly scheduled sarcasm and high-handed treatments of whack-a-doodles will continue tomorrow.

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