Thursday, October 04, 2007

Cause Boston can't monopolize over reaction to nothing

You know, after the lite-brite thing, I figured what my father always called 'good old yankee overkill' would more or less stay local and Fark would need a Boston tag.
But after the years of bomb threats and other Xian terrorism that London had to put up with would make them more or less immune to these sorts of over-reactions. Or, at a minimum, the number of people who go to Indian restaurants, of which there is more than one, would know what chilli peppers smell like.
Thai food sparks terror alert in London - Boing Boing

Somewhere some right-wingnut is going to come along and say something of such blithering stupidity that I will find myself pulling out a thesaurus to find a new word for it, such as:
"Why didn't those people come forward and tell people where the smell was coming from? Were they hiding something after all?"
Scenario time: You're at home and cooking a dish you've been around your whole life, let's say Irish stew. Suddenly the police come by and tell you there's a potential chemical attack in the neighbourhood and you have to get your ass out of the cordon immediately. Is your first thought going to be, 'Gee, I wonder if it's actually my stew they're thinking of?' Or do you listen to the police and assume that your fellows know the difference between cooking and terrorism.
As someone from the restaurant said:
BBC NEWS | UK | England | London | Burning chilli sparks terror fear
Supranee Yodmuang, the restaurant supervisor, was above the restaurant when she received a phone call from her boss. "It was about 4pm when I saw the police who were closing off the roads but I didn't know why. "My boss rang me and said I had to get out of the building because of a chemical attack." She added: "Because we're Thai, we're used to the smell of chillies."

Now, memo to the inhabitants of London, Toronto, NYC, Boston, especially Boston, etc.
Not everything that is slightly different is a terrorist attack. Brown people cooking is just lunch. Return to your daily life and put down the 999 call.

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