Thursday, October 04, 2007

More Blackwater stuff

Global guerrillas
Global Guerrillas: JOURNAL: Is Blackwater Evil?
Here's another example of dysfunction in our societal discussion about the future of security: rather than an informed/constructive debate on the future of private military contractors in warfare (a big topic that WILL NOT go away), we end up demonizing Blackwater with hyper-ventilation from Scahill, Singer (Salon) and the New York Times.
Were we expecting something different?
No, the real issues lie much deeper than this. It has to do with the underlying shift from "defense" to "security."

There's always good analysis at Global Guerillas. Do check out the site from time to time.

Blackwater head defends firm before Congress
Blackwater a scapegoat for bigger problems: Prince
On Tuesday, Prince vigorously defended his employees, describing his guards as courageous individuals who face the same threats and high-stress environment as U.S. military personnel.
He noted that 30 of his employees have been killed, but no Americans have died, while under the company's watch.

I'm not sure their a scapegoat, but they sure as hell are a lightning rod.

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