Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Leaving a brain shaped whole in the middle of the conversation

Back in the day, the US gubmint funded a defence program called Stargate. Not to disappoint Richard Dean Anderson fans, but it's not that Stargate. It's psychic warfare type stuff.
The Stargate program focussed on remote viewing and a few other bits and bobs all united by the common theme that it doesn't fucking work.
Relevance? Why thanks for asking, ma'am. Guess which many headed hydra of bullshit refused to die?

DHS pondering Russian "mind control" "science" to fight terrorism - Boing Boing
The Department of Homeland Security is considering granting a terrorism detection contract to a crackpot Russian "mind control" outfit called the Psychotechnology Research Institute. PRI's technology shows "subliminal" pictures of terrorist attacks to travelers and "detect" terrorists based on how they respond. Wired has a great long feature about these kooks and the feds who love them.

Full Wired Article here.
These people are nuts. How it it that no one notices? The leap from Stargate to these loons is so small that it could be achieved by an one-legged 90 year old with a zimmer frame and arthritis.

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