Tuesday, October 09, 2007

If you've ever wondered about the Speed of Bureaucracy you may have your anwser...

It does take a while for certain organizations to get around to certain things. I mean, take a look at the Japanese and how long it takes to get around to apologizing for comfort women or for Nanking. And Galileo -- that took more than 6-8 weeks for delivery. Not to mention blood libel. (Yeah, Jews needing Christian blood for their passover meals? Heh, didn't really mean that. Sorry. My bad.)
And now, waiting since 1314 for their forgiveness and exoneration, I give you - the Knights Templar. (From another perspective, when George W. Bush says that history will judge him correct, he's really leaving the field open, isn't he?)

Vatican paper set to clear Knights Templar - Telegraph
So, what's up with this then? Well, turns out the Vatican is ready to say the Knights Templar weren't heretics. Lost the paperwork as it were.
A new book, Processus contra Templarios, will be published by the
Vatican's Secret Archive on Oct 25, and promises to restore the
reputation of the Templars, whose leaders were burned as heretics when
the order was dissolved in 1314.

The new book is based on a scrap of parchment
discovered in the Vatican's secret archives in 2001 by Professor
Barbara Frale. The long-lost document is a record of the trial of the
Templars before Pope Clement, and ends with a papal absolution from all

Prof Frale said: "I could not believe it when I found it. The paper was put in the wrong archive in the 17th century."

Interesting. I've been interested in the Crusades for a long time, and have read a bit on the various fighting monk orders of the time. The Templars were never as insidious as portrayed in pop culture.
Of course, in other revelations: The Da Vinci Code is fiction. Also, swimming can make you wet.
Anyway, I'm off to Singapore until the weekend. Back at you in a few days. Gotta pack.

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