Thursday, October 04, 2007

Mission Accomplished! Again! But a Different Mission! But It's Accomplished!

Any article that starts off with this headline:
BBC NEWS | Americas | US claims success in war on drugs
US claims success in war on drugs
John Walters - 1/3/2005
Mr Walters credits Mexican efforts for part of the success
The top US drugs official has said anti-drug efforts are having the best results of the past 20 years.
John Walters, head of the Office of National Drug Control Policy, said cocaine shortages had led to a jump in prices in 37 American cities.
is just going to get better and better.
Keep in mind that if there are price jumps in 37 cities, that means they only looked at 37, or the price stayed the same or dropped in every other city they looked at.
The drugs tsar credited Mexican President Felipe Calderon for some of the success.
He said US investigators had been working closely with Mexican authorities in their fight against the drug cartels.

Everyone's been saying: man, Mexico is free from drug violence these days.
Since Mr Calderon took office in December he has sent 25,000 soldiers and police to Mexican provinces plagued by drug violence and it seems to be working, says the BBC's Duncan Kennedy in Mexico City.
Several high-profile Mexican traffickers have been extradited to the US in recent months.

Ah, the other surge.
Now I wonder if there's a challenge left for the DEA and it's types.
The real challenge, he said, would be maintaining the results over the long term.

Surge on, surge off.
For a counter opinion, I give you this.

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