Wednesday, July 02, 2008

What's up with our friends over at the Anglican Church

Ah, the Church of England.
If you're English, don't attend church or have religious views, if you don't believe in either relgion or God then when asked to fill out forms you put "CofE" next to "Religion."
The sweet mediocrity of the Anglican Church is often in stark contrast to the increasing conservatism of the Catholic pontificate and the fire-and-brimstone insane rantings of large numbers of American Baptists and most American public religious figures.
So what's going on now?
Well, it looks like they've found a bunch of Anglicans who can unite around the fact that they don't like how women and gays are being treated by the church. And it's threatening schism.
The irony here is that the ones threatening to leave are, of course, the one's united against equality or fair treatment of gays and women.(Is it even ironic anymore? Aren't the most religious ones always against extending the love of Christ to everyone?)
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