Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Because the Brits can't hang onto anything if it's labelled 'Sensitive'

Thief swipes cabinet minister's laptop from Salford office | The Register
Gordon Brown’s government has lost another batch of sensitive information, this time courtesy of one of his own cabinet ministers.

A laptop belonging to Hazel Blears, the Communities and Local Government secretary, was stolen from her constituency office in Salford over the weekend, it emerged this afternoon.

Whoa. Stop press. Not a Laptop. Desktop. Someone smuggled (under a trenchcoat no less, in a detail that I just made up while drunkenly typing this) a DESKTOP out of the office.
Gov claims 'password protection' OK for sensitive docs | The Register
Meanwhile, it emerged that contrary to initial reports, the missing PC wasn’t a laptop but a desktop. So not only was sensitive information wrongly downloaded, it was downloaded to a machine that by definition would have spent its days in Salford, rather than being kept close to the minister’s side.

I want to be more sarcastic but alcohol and sheer exasperation prevent it.
N.B. I corrected a grocer's apostrophe in the title of the post.

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