Thursday, July 03, 2008

The Good Fight

Anything you can do to fight back is good. This is something you need get on board with before most of the population of Canada becomes unknowingly criminalized.
Boing Boing is doing a great job with this issue and is the source of most of these links.

Michael Geist - The Unofficial Canadian DMCA Background Document
Michael Geist - Report Says Canadian DMCA To Include $500 Fine Per Download
Canadian Industry Minister Jim Prentice loads the DMCA, aims it at Canada's temple, and pulls the trigger - Boing Boing
Michael Geist - The Canadian DMCA: Check the Fine Print
Canadians: write to your MPs about Canada's disastrous new copyright bill - Boing Boing
Copyright for Canadians » Header Only
What question do you want to ask Canada's Industry Minister about the Canadian DMCA? - Boing Boing
Canada's DMCA: public service announcement - Boing Boing
Canadian Industry Minister lies about his Canadian DMCA on national radio, then hangs up - Boing Boing
Dance mix of Canadian Minister of Industry Jim Prentice lying about Canadian DMCA - Boing Boing
Canadian free software/open source advocates fight the Canadian DMCA - Boing Boing
Fiery and funny rhetoric in Canadian Parliament over the Canadian DMCA - Boing Boing
Ask Canadian Industry Minister questions about the DMCA at the Calgary Stampede this Saturday - Boing Boing
Fair Copyright for Canada materials to bring to the Calgary Stampede this Saturday - Boing Boing
Also keeping an eye on it are the ink-stained wretches at the Galloping Beaver
The Galloping Beaver: Jim Prentice is a liar...
And SFFaudio:
SFFaudio » Blog Archive » WALL-E, a Bill C-61 copyright criminal.
The issue is simple: Consumer rights for fair practices vs. A draconian bill basically written by American media companies.
You don't have to be [name of your favourite really smart person or well respected job requiring intellectual acumen here] to figure this out.

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