Friday, July 11, 2008

So how are things at the Anglican Church this week?

So how's that split coming? Pretty well by all indications.
First of all, they've decided for now not to split from the Anglican church, just to start a new church in the church and liberals can't join it. But it's not a split.
Evangelical Christians sign up to a 'Church within a Church' -Times Online
It's up to you to figure out the difference.
Remember it's all about equality, just some being more equal.

Anglicans in England formally accept the idea of women bishops
While Anglicans in some countries fight about the place of homosexuals in the church, the parent church in Britain has decided a point already settled in Canada: women can be bishops.

Yeah, that'll bring 'em back to the table.
The funny part? The conservative types, as laughable as their hatred of everything post-1400 can be, are in the right biblically and theologically.

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