Monday, July 28, 2008

Monday morning abuse of power

There's no doubt that there's endless potential for abuse of power with the sweeping increases in police remit and removal of oversight that has occurred over the last few years. It will continue to get worse. And worse yet we'll come to accept it as just part of life, like traffic jams.
BBC NEWS | UK | England | Terror police detain disabled boy
A police force has apologised after a disabled child and his parents claimed they were detained at a Channel crossing point under the Terrorism Act.
How did this happen? Well...
Ms Maynard, a legal advocate, said the officer, who failed to identify who she was, asked for the family's passports then asked "who's the boy?"
"My son is mixed race and the officer then told us, 'I believe you are child trafficking'."
When Ms Maynard asked the woman officer if she would be asked the same question if her son was white, she said the officer replied: "Are you accusing me of being a racist?"
To answer your question: yes, yes I am. You are a racist. And abuser of power.

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