Sunday, July 06, 2008

Can I ask WTF now?

Is there even a need to play Spot the Bullshit Logic with this crank.
Charles "Chuck" Colson: There Are No Atheists - On Faith at
Yes, even atheists pray because the image of God is implanted in us.
I have, in fact, never met an atheist. When a person professes to be one, I ask him to offer me the proof that God does not exist. I’ve never had anyone successfully respond to that question. Most retreat and say they’re really agnostics. I then ask them if they have examined every religion exhaustively. Their answer is usually no. I explain they cannot be agnostics unless they are sure that God can’t be known.

There are no atheists. There are simply people whose pride overwhelms their innate knowledge.

Found this through the comments at Dispatches: Dispatches from the Culture Wars: Only Christians Pray

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