Thursday, August 28, 2008

Too much time watching Cheech and Chong I guess.

Sumo career goes up in smoke | The Japan Times Online
Wakanoho has become not only the first active sekitori wrestler to be arrested, but also the first active wrestler to be dismissed in sumo history. His arrest on suspicion of possession of marijuana shows that the sumo association's ability to teach its wrestlers proper behavior has weakened.

The Russian wrestler is suspected of possessing a cigarette containing cannabis on a street near JR Kinshicho Station in Sumida Ward, Tokyo, on June 24. His alleged offense came to light after a wallet he lost was turned in to police. It contained the cigarette and his alien registration card. Police also seized a cannabis pipe from the Magaki sumo stable to which he belonged as well as from his condominium.

It's not like weed is a performance enhancer. It was a bit of a toke. You don't think you're over-reacting, do you?

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