Monday, August 11, 2008

Things I learned in Nova Scotia...

A memorial service is not a time of joy, no matter what anyone says about celebrating a life.

A tiny little town in Nova Scotia can support a surprising number of Tim Horton's.

The smaller the town the fewer the teeth.

The smaller the town the wider the person in the stretch pants.

Apparently you can't own too may ball caps.

Margolian's must be one of the best departments stores there is. I don't care if people are calling it Dayle's now. It's Margolian's to me.

Drivers are incredibly courteous. They continually cede right of way to you so you can make your left turn. Um, wow.

You can talk to anybody. Anybody. It's like the anti-London.

Ornate tattoos with Asian characters or designs are for jackasses. There's nothing like a good blue ink forearm tattoo of an anchor or heart and dagger.

The Little Downtown Diner has amazing ribs.

Nothing happens in small town Nova Scotia on the weekend.

Nothing happens in large town Nova Scotia on the weekend.

Halifax actually has a lot to do. If it's not the weekend.

The top two are visiting points of historical interest and and watching points of maritime hotness.

Some people are not at all understanding if whales do not show up to be watched. Do these peope think they're fucking pets?

You can spend a lot more time at the Halifax Citadel than you did as a kid.

O'Carroll's pub on Upper Water Street is one of the best pubs going. Food - good. Beer - good. Music - good. Atmosphere - incomparable.

The Halifax Citadel has changed so much since I was a kid I couldn't begin to list them all.

Ditto the waterfront area.

Lobster rolls are like manna. Only better.

Average fish and chips in Nova Scotia is better than the top stuff anywhere else. Sorry, England. Whitby's good. Really good, but it ain't Nova Scotia.

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