Monday, August 11, 2008

Things I learned about my fellow Canadians...

An occurrance out west in Canada had everyone buzzing.

A bus travelling through the Prairies. A guy gets up. And stabs a fellow passenger. And beheads him. And chases the other passengers out of the bus with the head.

Shocking? Yes. Symbolic of the direction of Canadian society? Fuck off.

Page A10 of the Globe and Mail (4 Aug 08) shows that I'm not alone. And my fellow Canadians showed some remarkable sense:

"Now, some of your callous readers suggest they should have stayed and fought. Humans have a nanosecond to choose between "fight or flight." Fortunately, they chose the latter."


"While the bus line might consider metal detectors, the randomness here is unique."


"I may be trading sensibility for sensitivity and can understand the gut reactions most people have had to this incident, but it tells us absolutely nothing about or society, our citizens, our public safety, or public transit."



"However horrifying the brutal decapitation of a passenger may be, it is a freak incident and, with no disrespect intended to the victim or his loved ones, statistically insignificant."

Shocking crime and people respond with level heads?

Only in Canada you say? Pity.

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