Monday, August 18, 2008

Speaking of Changes in Halifax...

My recent couple of days in Halifax highlighted changes that have gone on in the town since my childhood. The Citadel is now a buzzing hive of educational activities; the Waterfront has revitalized. There are endless tour opportunities. The Public Gardens are better than ever. Not all the food is deep fried. Many, many changes.
Some things have stayed the same. The Citadel hasn't been relocated. Stan Rogers is still the Zeus of the local gods. The Harbour is still the same crystal clear black colour it always has been.
Now to be fair, something I can occasionally be, the North Atlantic is never going to be blue like the Carribean or gin clear like the beaches of Southern Sri Lanka due to algae and the nutrient rich water. You want rich fisheries, you don't get clear water.
Halifax Harbour was for decades a cesspooll, or a septic tank, that you wouldn't want to touch with your hands, let alone let your dingle dangle into.
But, as was announced when I was there, a clean up program of several years has let several of the beaches reopen and lifeguard chairs are now in demand.
The water is still not clear. Like I said, it's the North Atlantic after all, but it is clean and safe.

Halifax harbour, once an open sewer, now open for swimming

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