Saturday, April 05, 2008

What amounts to a love letter to our home and native land...

I had a crap tech job in Ottawa for a while. One of the funny bits I remember was talking to a Yank from one of the border states who told me that he used to love coming up to Canada to go to concerts and such.
I asked him why.
He answered, "Canadians just know how to behave in public."
A similar experience happened when I took Mrs Gaijin to see a Sens vs Habs game at the Corel Centre. The Missus was amazed to see endless effort, on the parts of both the organizers and the fans, to make a hockey game a family-friendly event. I had a hard time deciding why this should be a surprise. Turns out that going to a sporting event in the UK is a risky thing indeed. If you aren't wearing the right shirt or fan scarf in the right section, well, that's a beating.
Here is an article by a sports writer on why he likes visiting Canada.

ESPN - O Canada, my home away from home - NHL
Tip o' the hat to the Rev.

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