Monday, April 21, 2008

More Japan.

I was taking a Poli-Sci course at Uni long, long ago.
Part of the discussion in this one class turned to prejudice in society. One of the students proposed that when people have a common ethnic and cultural heritage there will be no prejudice. As an example she held up Japan.
Japan she said was over 80% homogeneous and had as a result no problems with racism.
Wipe the coffee off your computer screen and ponder that little tid-bit.
Being a prickly sort at times, I countered that Japan has a lot of problems dealing with foreigners and foreign residents, Koreans and Chinese to name two. Also, ask the Ainu if being a minority in Japan is that much fun. If you can find a couple. Finally, I patronized, the fewer others you have, the more you pick on little details within your own group, as the experience of the burakumin attests.
I wasn't too popular, but I was right.
If only I'd had Boing Boing at U of O.
Yes, there can be prejudice in Japan. Here's just a bit of proof.
Video of "Japanese Only" signs in Japan - Boing Boing
Here's a video of signs in Japan forbidding non-Japanese from entering businesses.

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