Thursday, April 03, 2008

Finally, some good news in the world...

Fire up your BitTorrent client PVR or BBC iPlayer. Doctor Who returns to the world on Saturday. The show that taught a 2 generations of British children to watch TV from behind the sofa or through their fingers, that made wobbly-voiced pepper mills scary, and rightly showed that camp acting and noble ideas trumped shaky, shaky sets is back. The plans are to have the show go into hiatus after this series.
So, Donna (The Runaway Bride) is back, so is Rose (briefly) and the Sontarans.
From the gala preview article:
In the first of two episodes screened on Tuesday, the Doctor was seen being reunited with Donna Noble - Tate's character from 2006 Christmas special The Runaway Bride.
The second saw the pair transported to ancient Pompeii on the eve of Mount Vesuvius's eruption - impressively rendered in a computer-generated sequence Tennant called "gob-smacking".
And of course Russell T. Davies can't resist the call of the Daleks...
Tuesday's audience was treated to a sneak peak at future episodes that included a brief glimpse of a Dalek.
Asked if this heralded the return of legendary villain Davros, however, Tennant and Davies remained as tight-lipped as ever.
Speculation has been rife over who will play the Doctor's nemesis should he return to the show, with David Bowie and Sir Ben Kingsley just two of the names mooted.
"I'm sure we'll find someone marvellous to play him, if that were ever to happen," Tennant shrugged.
It's hard to resist the Daleks, but Davies really should. He's mined that out for the time being. But still, Ben Kingsley as Davros? Christ, that's what the licence fee is for.

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