Monday, April 21, 2008

This weeks Anti-Obama WTF Moment.

So now they're complaining that Obama was foretold in the Book of Revelations. Two words: As-fucking-if.
The claims are circulating that Revelations says the anti-christ will be a charming man in his 40s who is a Muslim.
I feel nostalgic for the days of Jack van Impe telling me that Gorbachev's birthmark was the mark of the beast. When I was in high school Revelations foretold of the anti-christ coming from the Soviet Union, you see?
As for Obama's Revelations link, how do I debunk thee? Let me count the ways.
PolitiFact | Complete distortion of the Bible
• The word “anti-christ” does not appear in the Book of Revelation.
• There’s no mention of a man of a certain age.
• There’s no mention of the word “Muslim.”

Do we all understand? Good. Now if I hear this sort of thing from you again I'll whack you on the nose with a rolled-up newspaper.

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