Thursday, February 28, 2008

That's for Effort, right?


Somebody who clearly doesn't actually read this blog but has it half ignored in his RSS reader has given me a rating.

Hunh. What do you know?

In the interest of paying it forward, I must pass this on to people I read on a regular basis that meet the criterion of excellence-ish-ness.

The Uncredible Hallq

The Nicest Girl

900 ft. Jesus

Barry Eisler

Pooflingers Anonymous


There's no point in nominating Pharygula or Dispatches from the Culture Wars or the Bad Astronomer or... you get the point. My 7 1/2 readers will definitely have noticed them long before ending up wondering what I've got to say about anything.

So, I've fallen back on blogs that I think have either a great take on things (like old judo compatriot Barry) or charm (Nicest Girl) or the guts to bluntly say that which needs saying (Pooflingers)

Oh: Save Ferris.

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