Tuesday, February 12, 2008

In which I throw around a couple of links about waterboarding.

I had to add waterboard and waterboarding to my Firefox dictionary. That harkens back to a more innocent time, doesn't it?
In 1996 I went to Cambodia and visited Tuol Sleng museum. It was a harrowing, harrowing experience. You'll be able to see several places on the floor where there are still stains from the old days.
The centre piece of creepy is the map of Cambodia made out of human skulls. (I believe that it's been removed and the skulls cremated in accordance with Buddhist tradition).
Visit it for a preview of what the legacy of secret prisons, black sites and Guantanamo Bay will look like.

Waterboarding in Cambodia - Boing Boing
waterboarding.org | "His sufferings must be that of a man who is drowning, but cannot drown." -Lt. Grover Flint, Philippine-American War

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