Tuesday, February 12, 2008

In which I draw a connection between two highly disparate articles.

An interesting article shows up the other day in the Barrie Examiner lauding how Ken Ham is tearing evolution to pieces. Actual quote time:

The Barrie Examiner - Ontario, CA
"But now people like Ken Ham are tearing evolution to pieces."
(HT to Greg Laden)
See? Did I lie? Nope. Never do. Except maybe that last sentence.
But, I digress.
It is still a bit distressing to see the rampant ignorance catching on in my beloved UK. When I say beloved I don't particularly mean it, if only because I'm not a citizen and I'm not that fond of rain. Although my wife, who is beloved, is from a Limey and beloves the place.
But, I digress.
The rest of the short article tells a bit about how a British branch of Answers in Genesis is sending people out to schools to question evolution and show how (Actual quote) "the true history of Earth is told in the Bible, not Darwin's The Origin of Species." For some reason unknown to these simple truth seekers, those ivory tower hugging scientists are narked off by all this.
(Hunh, looks like the Bad Astronomer just got there, too. Yeah Twitter!)
Oh, and read this, Ken Ham.
Now where's the second article and how is it connected? I'll let you decide, but I'm saying there may be a connection:

The Galloping Beaver: Would you like to ask the same question here?
Britons, it appears, are letting their own history slip through their fingers. Or go in one ear and out the other.
Original article here.
So, Brits have an equal chance of thinking that out of Churchill and Holmes, Churchill is the fictional character.
And the connection might be?

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