Tuesday, January 22, 2008

This was inevitable

Did you really think that it would last?
I suppose not.
I can't decide whether it was uncommonly brave to put the US on the list of potential torturers, a career-ending-manoeuvre on the part of a lower level idealist, or some kind of oversight that accidentally brushed up against the truth.
Still, for my part I would have liked the spotlight turned to expose the abuses of people who should know better, should hold themselves to their own ideals.
Instead, the US, like the drunken, date-rapist captain of the football team, gets to keep getting away with all the abuses that the less popular kids get busted for. Everyone knows, everyone whispers about it, but no one confronts the problem, and in the meantime the resentment builds and builds among the outsiders and the put-down-upon peons in the school yard...

Think Progress » Canada removes U.S. from ‘torture list.’
Bonus peek at torture: Doonesbury

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Nicest Girl said...

But..... we... DO engage in torture.......