Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Lo', in which I reveal my age...

It was around the time I started uni, way back in the day. I popped into the comic shop that used to be next to the Mexicali Rosa's on St. Joseph Blvd in Orleans. The first issue of Sandman showed up that weekend. I thumbed through it, to the consternation of the staff. The tone and sounds of the first few panels hooked me. There was an air of something big hiding behind the scenes being shown, more story, history and myth.
I was hooked.
I still have (by have I mean store under my parents' basement stairs in Canada) the complete series. I've read most everything Neil Gaiman has written. I've got Neverwhere on DVD; can you say British production values, boys and girls.
So, anyway, here's a link for a free MP3 of Gaiman reading A Study in Emerald from his collection Fragile Things.

Gaiman's Cthulu/Sherlock mashup "Study in Emerald" -- free audio - Boing Boing

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