Friday, January 25, 2008

It's 11 somewhere, right

I didn't really get much in the way of photos of the snow yesterday. The snow flurry didn't last too long despite it's intensity. Since then the snow has gone on a moment here, a moment there, but largely in the ooh-look-a-flake vein.

Still, here's a couple of photos I took when I was still overly excited. I really wish a keitai camera could catch the scene the way it actually looked.




The final picture shows the snow lifting and the sun coming out.


Nicest Girl said...

Interesting. I will go back to Kobe in October or thereabouts. But I don't think I'll get to see snow. :(

The Eternal Gaijin said...

nicest girl,
glad you liked the pics. I chuck a few up here and there. It's mostly keitai pics, but it's something.
BTW, when were you in Kobe before?

Nicest Girl said...

I went for June 2007. Studied at the Japan Study Center in union with Shoin College. I miss it. :*(