Sunday, January 20, 2008

A Japan Moment

I'd been in Japan for years before I got a cell phone, my first. Since then I've had a love-hate relationship with my keitai. They're not bad things, I suppose. They're just annoying and intrusive.

My current cell, my umpteenth (I've finally gotten into the teens) has a cameral on it, my first. I seem to wander around taking meaningless pictures of miniscule events around the neighbourhood.

Like this picture of uribo, wild boar piglets:

Japan 001

Or this picture of an egg vending machine:

Japan 020

Or even what I suspect is Doraemon mooning me.

Japan 021

Technology: making your life better by focussing you on minutiae.

1 comment:

Nicest Girl said...

Kawaii inoshishi!
I have a funny story about them but.. it's a "had to be there" one so I'll not include it in my comment.
I miss Kobe. Hoping to go back to the area in October.