Tuesday, January 08, 2008

And now for a lazy link post...

So, I've taken a five minute break from Resistance: Fall of Man on the new PS3. I now return me to my normally scheduled life. For five minutes.
In the meantime, this is me catching up on some older articles...

On intelligence.
Jon Henley on US military torture euphemisms | Special reports | Guardian Unlimited
Learn to Speak Intel! | Mark Fiore's Animated Cartoon Site

For those of you who were worried about War Without End...
UK declares War on Terror over - Boing Boing

And just to see four people having a reasonable conversation about taboo topics
The Four Horsemen - ExChristian.Net - Articles

But if you want to see a total putz yelling and running up the non-sequitur tree and swinging from the vines, watch when the near hysterical Dinesh D'Souza takes over from the calm and measured Daniel Dennett in this debate. Intellectually lazy is just such an understatement. By the way, loud is not equal to correct.

A great rebuttal to abstinence only education...Cectic - Loaded Guns

Bronze Dog goes off on a rant I wish I'd written:
The Bronze Blog: Why You Woos Got to Be Such a Downer, Grrrrrl?
But then, doesn't he always?
Anyway, gotta save London from the hordes of aliens.

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