Monday, February 26, 2007

Winding down from work I've been off for a couple of days then on for a couple, then off for a couple more

The last of our decorating is now finished and I'm doing the touch ups. Next on the list is to sort out the unaccompanied air freight.
Last night however wasn't a complete something on my list night. I hooked a train out ot Ashford, Kent and caught up with friend JDF, who I hadn't seen since our trip to the UK in February two years ago. It was good to sit down, joke, and generally catch up on things from jobs to mutual friends still in Japan. And of course fatherhood. About 11 months back friend JDF joined the ranks of the breeders (hooray, a legally recognized marriage in Washington. No wait. He's been married for 8 years or so. Never mind, he'd have been annulled years ago) Anyway, he and his wife made a Mini-me.
Things are going well with him, despite the sleepless nights and stuff like that. I do like that fact that with his new job he uses expressions like 'on an op' as if it didn't sound like some serious-ass 'Gitmo shit. Things have changed since the good ol' days teaching English (or whatever language they speak in the UK) in Tokyo and Kawasaki.
A couple of days ago I caught up with friend KP as well. He's a fair bit different to me. Wheeler-dealer, connected throughout The City, business-oriented and pretty well off.
Me? Opposite all of that and you'll see what I mean.
The problem of meeting a friend in a pub: it's really hard to recount what you talked about. Indeed, outside of a few swirling images, snippets of conversation and a generally warm fuzzy feeling there is little to pass on.
Beer. Not just for breakfast any more.

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