Sunday, February 25, 2007

Catholic/Anglican Reconciliation

Last week I was walking along somewhere in town when I saw an interesting headline on The Times front page.
Churches back plan to unite under Pope
Which got me to thinking about Carol Pope. But I thought that High School Confidential wasn't a big enough hit in Canterbury to really warrant this kind of sea change.
And of course it couldn't really mean uniting the Catholic Churches under the Pope because, well, I'll just say 'Duh..'
So I bought the paper. (a radical step in a city where approaching the station means getting a small Malaysian rain forest's worth of free newspapers. Most of the main papers have a 'Lite' version they chuck at you on the way in and out of the Tube.)
And it turns out that some guess I had about the headline was right.
Anglican and Catholic bishops have agreed to a plan in 42 pages that would re-unite the Anglican Communion (which is the least 'reformed' of all the Protestant denominations coming out of the Reformation) with the Catholic Church under the Pope.
And what you may ask is behind this. Let's see what the article has to say:

The Statement, leaked to The Times is being considered by the Vatican, where Catholic bishops are preparing a formal response.
It comes as the archbishops who lead the 38 provinces of the Anglican Communion meet in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, in an attempt to avoid schism over gay ordination and other liberal doctrines that have taken hold in parts of the Western Church.
Were this week's discussions to lead to a split between liberals and conservatives, many of the former objections in Rome to a reunion with Anglican conservatives would disappear. Many of those Anglicans who object most strongly to gay ordination of women priests.

Okay, so that's really about it isn't it. Part of the final decision that would bring and end to the split that Henry VIII started would be the gays. The gays...Woo, there coming to get you. It rubs off on you, you know.
I have to admit that the page 15 editorial on the issue called 'Bitter Fudge' made me smirk.

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