Thursday, February 01, 2007

Still pining for my wife, but showing signs of life

Ken's getting a bit more animated. Mostly so he can get himself trouble. Or on my nerves. It's darker than it looked on the camera, but I'll post it anyway. I don't know if my youTube account has a space limit. I'll find out eventually.

So the countdown is on. I leave the UK on the 2nd of March and arrive in Japan on 10 Mar. Just to complete the circle of life that's 13 years to the day after I first arrived in Japan. So I will have the exact same visa day as I did for the first 9 years I spent there.
How do you like that?
While there I'm hoping to post a few videos a week to give an idea of what's up in the Okamoto area and Osaka in general. Stay tuned.

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