Monday, February 26, 2007

Stop! It's Hovind time. Doo do do doo.

Dispatches from The Culture Wars has a post with some great YouTube links to everyone's favourite PhD in Flintstone Paleontology, 'Dr' Kent Hovind.
So for our Hovind-a-palooza.
Carl Sagan vs Kent Hovind on the Speed of Light

Someone went through Hovind's age of the earth bullshit

My favourite Ali G. bit ever:

Somehow, Matt at Pooflingers managed to sit through all of Hovind's bovine backside extrusions and come up with the Hovind Files. I really don't know how the fuck he did it. Surely there should be an Order of Canada or US Medal of Freedom or something else for doing it. Clearly the bravest man on the web.

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IAMB said...

Or the most insane... you be the judge.