Saturday, February 10, 2007

So I'm over at Bad Astronomy

I read Bad Astronomy <>
occasionally. Phil Plait is one of the rock stars of the Skeptic world.
He's like...okay I don't really have a handle on the music scene
anymore. He's not going to get mobbed at TAM to the same level as the
Mythbusters, but he'll have a crowd around him. Friend DEG recently was
at TAM; I was painting the living room getting the flat ready to rent.
He played poker with Plait; I read the BABlog.
Anyway, my minor gakkari aside, Plait in this post links to a YouTube
Clip from the Al Murray show featuring Buzz Aldrin.
Do check it out. It's got its funny moments.
And if the HTML is correct in this bit, I'll have a link to Aldrin
punching that aho in the chin. Look up the word 'aho' at Jim Breen's
online dictionary <>.
Use the second definition. You'll agree.

Oh and there's Plait on the Penn Jillette show here

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