Sunday, January 18, 2009

A small bit of socialization

Last night, I got out to the 10th anniversary party for the London Skeptics in the Pub. As it was my first time out with the SitP I periodically took a break in the conversation to mentally go over the dozen or so names of people I met.

Among the skeptic notables who were there were Rebecca Watson, also giving a talk on Monday, Ben Goldacre and Richard Wiseman.

I enjoy meeting a number of like minded folks who also enjoy beer - ‘twas in a pub after all. My natural impishness (okay I’m a a sarcastic prick – it’s called spin) means that I have to play with people in these situations when they do the natural sounding out of where you stand on matters of woo. When asked what I thought of UFOs I answered that it’s only reasonable to believe in them. This started the probing until I revealed that I was being very literal on the U more than the FO. Hey, it’s a bit sky and I sure as shit don’t know all the stuff in it. There’s lots I can’t identify. Aliens visiting Earth? Completely different story.

And so on like that.

If you’re in London, I may bump into you at one of these gatherings.

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