Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Drug War

The Drug War is founded on a fallacy from the ground up: If only Prohibition had been more violent on both sides and more money had been involved everything would have worked out fine and Repeal would not have been needed.
On some level I'm not being too sarcastic here. We all know how Prohibition worked out. We all know how when alcohol became illegal in the US the Mob stepped in to provide supply for the demand.
So how had the War on Drugs been going? Pretty much the same way. The increasing intransigence of the authorities has pushed out anyone who won't be violent and has led to incredible abuses of rights of the accused and the non-accused alike. Corruption is rife and the whole damn thing is growing into a farce of tragic proportions. All in the name of...what exactly? People feeling a bit Weeee! for an hour or so?
For the record, I don't do drugs. I'm not interested in them and won't start if they get legalized. Cannabis is all but legalized in Canada and it's only a short hop to Amsterdam from here.
I also don't think that everything will get wonderful if the classifications of drugs are rationalized and some of them are made legal, or at least decriminalized.
But isn't enough enough?

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