Thursday, June 05, 2008

If it's Thursday the Police State must be creeping in.

Oh, look. It's Thursday.
Police protester snap did not breach rights | The Register
The New Order: When reading is a crime | The Register
Is this what it is going to be like? When simple possession of a proscribed document will be enough to see you clapped in irons and whisked down to the local police station?

About two weeks ago (May 16), Nottingham University campus was agog as police arrived to interview former student Hicham Yezza. After some ten years' study, first as undergraduate, then graduate, Hicham was a non-academic member of staff in one of the University departments.

His mistake was to agree to help Rizwaan Sabir, a friend in the Politics faculty, who needed a document downloaded from the web and printed off. This was all part of legitimate study: the document itself was on the Politics Faculty reading list. Unfortunately, the document in question also happened to be an al-Qaeda Training Manual.
Dispatches from the Culture Wars: Pentagon Removes Judge from Gitmo Tribunals
Here's a good way to judge the legitimacy of the quasi-courts set up at Gitmo: if the prosecution can simply remove the judge from a case when he issues a ruling they don't like, they're probably not legitimate
Guantanamo inmate charged over al-Qaeda 'dirty bomb plot' - Times Online
A British resident imprisoned in Guantanamo Bay has been charged over an alleged al-Qaeda plot to detonate a dirty bomb in apartment buildings in the United States.
D.C. to require ID to enter certain neighborhoods? - Boing Boing
John McCain vows to continue Bush's illegal warrantless wiretapping program - Boing Boing
John McCain has changed his position on illegal warrantless wiretapping: he used to think that the President had to uphold the nation's laws. Now he says that the Constitution is subordinate to the all-powerful executive order.
T-shirt with picture of armed robot endangers British aviation system - Boing Boing
This poor guy tried to board a BA flight at Heathrow terminal 5 but was turned back and told to change out of his t-shirt, which featured a Transformer robot carrying a gun -- a robot with a gun that apparently posed a threat to flight safety.
Rogier van Bakel: Why I won't be allowed to fly - Boing Boing
European airlines test spycams in every seat that "detect terrorism" in your facial expressions - Boing Boing
European airlines are prototyping a Panopticon-in-the-sky: cameras trained on every passenger in flight, married to some kind of snake-oil "terrorism detection" software that will be able to tell if the guy in 11J is planning to rush the cockpit.
Canadian airport security screener confiscates blocks tiny gun-shaped necklace charm - Boing Boing
The Unusual Suspect writes, "blogTO writes of a Canadian PhD student studying Social Political Thought who was intercepted by Kelowna Airport screeners when they spotted her necklace, which has a charm in the shape of a gun. (Article includes a photo of the actual necklace.) The charm is less than 2" in size, and has no moving parts."

The prosecution rests.

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