Monday, June 30, 2008

Final Thoughts on TAM

A couple of odd thoughts that struck me:

  • What is the sugar content of the average skeptic's diet? I'm guessing that this is the only case of giving 110%.
  • Is bald and beard an actual uniform or just a peer-pressure thing? I didn't know. I've just grown my hair back after a decade of shaving my head. Well, I didn't grow back the front, but that's not my fault.
  • When ever stuck for words or in a conversational cul-de-sac, make a Trek, Firefly or Dr. Who reference. That'll paper over any problem.


A: How can you support the invasion of Iraq?

B: The problem was putting the Packlids in charge.

A: Heh, that was a good episode.

  • There's a strong libertarian bent in the room. Go on. Pick a fight. Say something like: "I like what Obama has to say about wealth redistribution." Or: "Gay rights? I don't support rights for anyone not recognized in 1776. Freedom for the already free!"

Anyway that's TAM until I have something else to say...

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