Saturday, November 03, 2007

Odd, but barely noteworthy.

No, the question really is this: how long before some National Insecurity whack-a-doodle turns around and sticks the word bomber in the middle of the key phrase. We know it won't be long before Faux News commentators quote this article as proof that the Mooo-slims are comin' to blow us all up! They're just casing the joint!

Study uncovers 'suicide tourists' |
MORE than one in 10 people who kill themselves in Manhattan are "suicide tourists" who travel to the Big Apple especially, often ending it all at one of the city's top landmarks, according to a study.
Among the top choices for out-of-towners taking their own lives were the iconic Empire State Building, Times Square and the George Washington Bridge, according to the study by the New York Academy of Medicine.

"I don't think any of us were aware or even conscious of thinking of suicide among tourists, that people would travel to a city specifically for that,'' the New York Daily News quoted study author David Vlahov as saying.

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