Wednesday, November 21, 2007

And about bloody time too.

I've wanted a PS3 for quite a while now, which should normally just mean I'm a guy. But I have been holding off until some compelling games come up. Of course, I'm with everyone else in not buying one.
In the meantime I've been out to the shop to pick up some new PS2 games (it's so good to be back in Japan; having a Japanese PS2 overseas really sucks. Looks good, can't play it. Great reviews, can't play it.)
This looks like a promising development, as the variety of games should improve shortly.

Sony halves software fees to spur PS3 game designers | The Japan Times Online
Sony halved the fees it charges for a software development kit for the PlayStation 3 video game machine Monday to encourage outside designers to make more games for the struggling console.

Sony Corp.'s gaming unit, Sony Computer Entertainment Inc., said prices for the development package for the PS3 will be reduced to ¥950,000 in Japan, $10,250 in North America and 7,500 euro in Europe.

The move follows the price cuts on the PS3 around the world that the company announced last month in an attempt to woo buyers.

Although its predecessor, the PlayStation 2, dominated the gaming market, the PS3 has struggled against Nintendo's hit Wii console,the rival offering from Nintendo Co.

Boosting PS3 sales is crucial for Sony's overall business strategy because it also supports the Blu-ray disc next-generation video, which is vying with the rival HD-DVD format.

The Wii has succeeded in drawing people not usually accustomed to playing electronic games, including the elderly, by offering easier to play games that use a wandlike hand held device for the remote controller.

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